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Vance's Notebook:

Image & Brand

Your Company will be judged by your customers and the public at large by the face it puts forward to the world in everyday business activities. Your company IMAGE also will influence lenders, investors, or ultimately potential buyers of the business profoundly. It is critically important for owners to understand how important this is to overall success and prioritize action to correct or improve all relevant elements. You must create a BRAND!

Questions you must ask:

• Do you have a quality Logo and supporting graphics to trumpet your Brand?
• Do you have a quality Website that supports your image and brand ( they are not that expensive these days)?
• Are you fully aware of how your employees reinforce your image and brand in their interaction with the public (appearance, hygiene, dress, uniforms, safety equipment - where applicable)?
• Do you have company vehicles or equipment that are seen by the public and your customers and support your image of having your act together?
• Have you developed a culture of neatness and cleanliness, that reinforces your professionalism?
• Is your quality, service, and/or product consistent?
• Do your Emails, quotes, proposals and communication exude professionalism?
• Have you called your company phone to see what your customers hear and experience when they call you?
• Does your company utilize modern digital systems – do you have computer savvy employees?
• Are your Business Forms – Quote or Proposals Forms, professional looking, easy to understand and user friendly?

You must develop an intellectual understanding of the importance of building your Brand, and an appreciation of the impact it can have on your success.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business." –
Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes

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