Small Business Investor, Advisor

After a few decades in the business world as primarily an entrepreneur, I’ve accumulated some wisdom and resources that may have some legitimate value. I must admit, however, that much of that wisdom came from business mistakes I made during that journey. The lessons from those mistakes have been beneficial in numerous ways, have helped me to recognize and evaluate opportunities for myself and others.

Vance D. Campbell, Jr.

The Mission

The mission is to be a Buyer, Investor/Partner, or Advisor to small companies depending on the circumstances.  Sometimes the possibilities can be exciting. My current circumstance leaves me with flexibility to evaluate the opportunity along with the seller or business owner and help identify an optimum win/win strategy for all.


About Vance Campbell

Having recently transitioned from founder/owner of a very successful construction subcontracting company (now operated by my son), I have the time and resources to seek other opportunities. Those opportunities would include buying or investing in companies, and if beneficial, finding ways to be helpful to companies that are experiencing challenges.

I have founded, owned and operated a variety of businesses in different industries. Some of those business experiences include companies in retail, manufacturing, medical devices, product design and development, and construction. Additionally, throughout my career I was involved in commercial real estate investment, brokerage, and development.

I believe that the cumulative benefit of those life experiences can be applied to future endeavors or shared with others.

Apptek, founded by Vance, is a Southern California lath and plaster company. Here are a few of the exciting residential projects completed by Apptek.